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For Our Younger Dancers

Dance studios in NJMommy & Me
Age 10-24 months
A creative movment class suitable for ages 10-24 months. Parents or caregivers participate activly in the class as children learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories, and play. This class will build their self confidence to help them blossom into beautiful ballerinas!


Tiny Twos
Age 2yrs
Does your little one love to dance at home? Our Tiny Towes class is for you! Dancers 2yrs old are introduced to pre Ballet technique and basic Tap while gaining motor skills, encouraging creativity, and exploring all the wonderful ways our bodies can move! Using props and exciting music, this class is full of discovery and of course, fun! It’s sure to get your toddler moving, grooving, and learning!


Tiny Toes 
Ages 3-4
Our Tiny Toes  class focuses on pre-Ballet technique and basic Tap with an introduction to basic Ballet and Tap terminology. In this class, children will work on fine motor skills such as balancing on one foot and moving multiple body parts at one time. Using props and exciting music, this class is sure to have your child learning while having fun!


Dance studios in NJKinderstarrs
Ages 4-6
High-energy, funky-fresh, super-fun! In this class children will learn basic, age-appropriate Hip Hop dance moves and beginner Jazz technique to fun and upbeat music. This class will enhance motor skill development and increase rhythm and timing awareness!


Ballet/Tap Combo
Ages 5-6 & Ages 7-8
Keeping the magic alive, these transitional Ballet/Tap Combo classes offer the same fun methods to implement technique, while drawing attention to posture, alignment, rhythm, timing and expanding their Ballet and Tap vocabulary.



Dance classes in new jerseyClasses for Ages 7 and Up


Jazz is a stylized and fast-paced form of dance. This class emphasizes musicality and rhythm while also working on flexibility, body alignment, stretch and strengthening as well as fun and innovative choreography.


Tap is all about rhythm! This exciting and challenging form of dance is executed by creating rhythmic combinations with the shoes on your feet! This dance instruction includes timing, coordination, combinations of simple and complex rhythms, proper technique and terminology.


Hip Hop
Hip Hop is the style most frequently seen on television and music videos. It is a cultural urban-based dance form built off of street styled dance, utilizing high and low impact footwork and isolations. This class generates body control and awareness, musicality, and most importantly, a safe space to have some fun!


Ballet is the foundation of dance. It teaches proper placement, alignment, balance, technique and control. Students will focus on improving strength, control, and body positioning in barre, center work and progressions across the floor, as well as learning all of the vocabulary and terminology.


Dance classes in new jerseyPointe
A class for the Intermediate to Advanced Ballet dancer, who already has a foundation of Classical Ballet and wishes to further their ballet training to include dancing on pointe. To start some students may be asked to start the pointe / pre-pointe class without pointe shoes to develop ankle strength and in preparation of pointe work, pointe shoes should only be obtained under the direction of the instructor, with much guidance and pre-approval. The instructor will determine when a student is ready.


Lyrical / Contemporary
Lyrical is a dance form based on creative expression. It is a story set in motion. Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz which combines one's own expression along with technical skills. Contemporary dance combines elements from several styles of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical. Dancers use improvisation and personal connections to help open up their freedom of movement so they can develop their artistry as they strive to create more fluid movement patterns


Musical Theater
Dance to your favorite songs from your favorite musicals! In this class, students will learn theatrical dancing that combines the songs of Broadway musicals with the movement of classical jazz styles. This high-energy class will prepare any dancer for the bright lights of Broadway!


Art In Motion

A dance program for kids with Autism, Down Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder & other individual learning differences. Art In Motion helps your child explore movement concepts & develop dance skills. While also helping them with coordination, cognitive skills, concentration, communication, behavior, & fitness. Each class consists of the following: Warm-Up with Locomotor Movement - Across the Floor Solo or With Group (increase gross motor skills, patience, and teamwork)- Choreography (Tap, Jazz, Ballet & Hip Hop fundamentals) - Creative Movement  & Closing Game / Activity.